Frail Care

Frail Care Facility Within the Douglasdale Retirement Village Lifestyle Centre

Frail Care Facility

The frail care environment is slightly different to the mid care facility.  

Our residents within frail care all suffer from some level of advanced frailty, be it general geriatric frailty, advanced dreaded diseases, or post-stroke type complications etc. As a result, they require full-time support and supervision with most of their mobility.


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The rooms are semi-private, two residents to a room for ease of access by the nursing staff and, due to the need for full-time support, they do not have individual en-suite bathroom facilities.  

Services Offered Assisting Clients With:

Residents have access to the beauty and hair salon housed within the Douglasdale Retirement Village Lifestyle Centre, where both our mid and frail care residents go to have their hair and/or nails done when required.


The village hosts weekly activity groups, such as aqua aerobics, line dancing, bridge and knitting groups to name a few, and our mid care residents are welcome to take part in any of these activities should they wish to.